April Construction Progress Report on EnviraPAC Monticello

This is April’s progress report on the EnviraPAC Powdered Activated Carbon Project in Monticello, Arkansas. Check out the photos below, and view the entire Project Report PDF here.

Project Summary

As of the end the April the site development is still progressing, but has reached a point to allow the construction of the contracted project to begin. Installation of the silo foundations have been completed and the foundations for the activator kilns have been started. Initial 7 day breaks on the first sets of concrete samples came back at 3,700 PSI. Approximately 85% of the projects total required rebar is currently on site with the remaining 15% to be delivered during the month of May.

Procurement of all time sensitive mechanical components is complete and 90% of all mechanical procurement has been completed. Mechanical designs are 90% complete and are projected to be completed during the month of May. Structural design is ongoing and will be completed upon receipt on final certified equipment drawings. Electrical design is progressing and MCC room construction has started.

Aerial View – Site prior to start of foundations

APAC Silo – Rebar installation forming 
APAC Silo – Rebar Installation / Forming

Activator #1 – Ready for rebar forms
Activator #1 – Ready For Rebar / Forms

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